Monday, 24 September 2012

Lightning Process research from Harvard

Lightning Process research
on the 19th September saw the publication of a Harvard and King's College, London study into the Lightning Process for CFSME.

Experiences of young people who have undergone the Lightning Process to treat chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis – a qualitative study
Silje Endresen Reme, Nicola Archer,Trudie Chalder
British Journal of Health Psychology

It's groundbreaking as it is the very first research ever published in a peer-reviewed journal about the Lightning Process.

Of the participants 'seven reported that they were very satisfied with the treatment and that they were either much or very much better' and 'two participants reported being dissatisfied with the treatment and did not experience any improvement in their CFS'

Fine details
Young people between 14 and 26 were recruited from an advert displayed on the AYME website (this is not normally a good place to find successful Lightning Process graduates, who tend to move on from being involved in ME related associations once they are well, so we are particularly pleased with the results) in 2007.
The research team talked to 9 young people and three parents of those under 18.